ennis van dorn is a well known actor who tends to divide critics, currently toeing the thin line between showing his worth as a serious actor and being a franchise cash cow. his dry sense of humor has meant that he was received well with slightly older audiences and his anarchistic, cynical approach to politics often make him excellent headline fodder. he is extremely active on both twitter and instagram.

• Ennis Daniel Van Dorn was born to a Dutch father and British mother in Las Vegas, raised a few miles from the strip by parents who lived and breathed performing. His father directed a local cabaret show that still runs night after night to this day, and his mother was a dancer who recently retired to choreograph Vegas performances. Both his parents encouraged a love of everything creative in Ennis, with a particular passion for drama and music.

• Ennis left school at 17 to move to Los Angeles, not completing his GED until he was 21. Though he spent his first six months in LA waiting tables, he was soon cast in the television show Royal Pains and quickly found success with his first major role in We Need To Talk About Kevin. Often regarded as one of his finest performances to date, the role put him on the map as an emerging young actor to watch.

• After his initial success, Ennis' career continued to grow slowly until his incredibly successful year in 2017 which saw him bag the leading role in two box office hits, It and Baby Driver. Now starting to see the true downside of fame, Ennis has noticed a marked reduction in the level of privacy he's able to keep in recent months and isn't completely comfortable with the new exposure levels.

• Prone to accidentally offending, Ennis doesn't tend to sugarcoat or mince his words and can occasionally be purposefully argumentative, particularly when he's bored. He takes pleasure in provoking reactions in everyone from friends to family to interviewers, which hasn't earned him the most amicable of reputations.

• Hosts regular Twitch streams and rarely goes a day without gaming, which his second passion in life only to acting. Other hobbies include camping, hiking, cooking, mechanics and trolling Republicans on Twitter.

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